About me…

About me…

Unlike most of my 30-40 something year old friends, I’m not raising babies or saving for their college tuition. I’m not a slave to a mortgage and car payments. I don’t commute hours to get to a job I hate. I’m not a paper-pushing, cubicle-dwelling, sitting-at-a-computer, nine-to-fiver anymore.

I live a life without boundaries that takes me all over the world.

The road to my boundless life was not easy: it took me years to build the courage to walk away from my traditional, financially secure and safe life. It took dozens of self-help books and seminars to grow the belief that my life would go on – and flourish – without doing the corporate, white-picket fence thing.

How did I do it? I can’t tell you all of my secrets in one blog post, so stick around!

So c’mon! Let’s go kick out the windows and set our lives on fire!

So…what do you think?

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